Ametista carbon colour

Description and properties

This modern fabric utilises the Resistex Carbon fibre, and in many ways surmounts fabrics made of 100% PES. Tests of athletes wearing Resistex Carbon have shown that: 1) The average rise in body temperature during sports was three times lower than the rise in body temperature while wearing 100% PES. 2) The same test has shown that the athletes used three litres of oxigen per minute less that those wearing standard fabrics. 3) The heart rate was 4 beats per minute lower than that of athletes wearing 100% PES. 1000 heart beats after a four-hour exercise. 4) The lactate concentration in blood was 12% lower when using Resistex Carbon than when using 100% PES. 5) Clothing made of Resistex Carbon has a positive effect on the body and performance, especially during endurance sports.


- matt; pattern: small thin rectangles


- 62% polyamide, 36% lycra, 2% carbon


- 190g/m2